Estivemos à conversa com Kendare Blake!


Olá, malta! Estive à conversa com a autora Kendare Blake, autora de Três Coroas Negras! Foi super querido da parte dela aceitar o convite do blog, pelo que mais uma vez agradeço :)
Espero que gostem!

A entrevista está no original mas prometo traduzi-la asap! 

Fantasy is a genre in which sometimes there are misogynist gender roles, however THREE DARK CROWNS change the paradigm. How was it for you to write such powerful twist gender role exemples?

It was so much fun. I loved writing these boys from the patriarchy and throwing them onto a matriarchal island, watching them flounder and fumble and their eyes bug out trying to understand these girls who had no idea what they were going on about regarding the expectations of young ladies and mothers. It was very freeing, to write to many women in positions of power, indeed, to have nearly EVERY position of power be occupied by a woman, and let those powerful,  complicated women play off of each other. Some of my favorite scenes in the book take place between High Priestess Luca and Natalia Arron, the head of the poisoners.

When you were writing THREE DARK CROWNS were you aware of how it would eventually end? (I mean that final plot twist) 

I knew the last sentence. I just didn't know anything else. And I still don't know quite how the entire series will end...

The fandom is split between Arsinoe, Katharine and Mirabella. Which Queen was your favourite to write about? 

I love them all. Arsinoe because she's stubborn, and bone-headed, and so, so loyal. Katharine because she's resilient, and driven, and so sweet and eager to make the people she loves proud. Mirabella, because she's so terribly, terribly strong, but also terribly, terribly kind, and because she doesn't judge. Also, Jules, because of her fierceness, and her devotion to her friends. And because deep down she's so easily wounded.

Another interesting fact is the morally grey characters present in THREE DARK CROWNS. How do you think this affects the reader?

I guess it depends on the reader. I can't imagine having no morally grey characters in a novel, since most of the people I know in reality are morally grey. All humans are wonderful and awful at the same time. It just depends on who is looking at them. Some readers find Katharine to be a hero. Others, a villain. Both are right. 

Would you rather live in among the poisoners, elementals or naturalists?

I would need to take a tour of all of the cities. I think Rolanth, the city of the elementals, is the prettiest, but Indrid Down, where the poisoners and the palace fortress is, is the most grand. And Wolf Spring is wild and full of animals, which I love. Sunpool, the city of the oracles, has a lovely climate, and it would be cool to hang with the warriors from Bastian City. Maybe in a pub.

THREE DARK CROWNS is a book about many important themes. Which was your favourite to write? 

I can't break the writing down into themes. The themes occur naturally within the course of it. And I enjoyed writing it all. Even when it sucked.

And finally, THREE DARK CROWNS is about to be a motion picture. Aren’t you afraid of seeing your world came to life?

Not afraid at all. If the movie does get made, and I hope it will, but there are many, many projects that do not for one reason or another, then the movie will be the movie, and the book will be the book. I hope the movie does some things that the book didn't. I'm just hoping for some really pretty shots and some great acting by dynamite young actresses.

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